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Welcome to AIC 2013

12th International AIC Colour Congress

Bringing Colour to Life


Congress theme

The main theme of the 2013 Congress will be "Bringing Colour to Life". This theme will be developed in several complementary directions. First, in the practical sense of colour production and reproduction; second in the sense of colour in nature, and third in the sense of the ways in which colour can be used sustainably now and in the future. This Congress will include sessions that explore sustainable uses of colour and the synergies between technology and nature.

The AIC (Association Internationale de la Couleur) is a federation of colour societies from all over the world, including:

• Argentina • Australia • Brazil
• Bulgaria • Chile • China
• Finland • France • Germany
• Great Britain • Hungary • Italy
• Japan • Korea • Mexico
• The Netherlands       • Poland • Portugal
• Slovenia • South Africa • Spain
• Sweden • Switzerland • Taiwan
• Thailand • United States      

The AIC Congress is held every four years, and is the only colour conference in the world that promotes all facets of colour. Since the first Congress in Stockholm, Sweden in 1969, the Congress has been hosted at locations all over the world including Monaco, the USA, Germany, Japan, and the last AIC Congress in 2009, held in Sydney, Australia. The Congress provides a unique forum bringing together colour practitioners, researchers, academics, designers, lighting experts, and business leaders from all over the world with the aim of sharing ideas, interacting and learning about recent advances in their fields of expertise.

The objectives of the AIC are to encourage research in all aspects of colour, to disseminate the knowledge gained from this research and to promote its application in science, art, design and industry.



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